ICE CREAM TWIN TELEPATHY CHALLENGE | Mom vs Dad | Eating Challenge | Aayu and Pihu Show

Aaj Aayu aur maine bahut hi mazedar aur unique challenge plan kiya hai!! Mumma aur Papa ke liye Ice-cream Twin Telepathy Challenge Ab dekhte kya mumma aur papa yeh challenge jeet paate hai? Jaanne ke liye video end tak zaroor dekhna! Twin Telepathy Videos : Mango Challenge – Burger Twin Telepathy – Aayu and Pihu Show – Hindi Family show on YouTube, new videos every Thursday on Short movies, Challenges, Comedy, Fireless Cooking, Games, and Good Habits. You will learn, enjoy, play games, sing songs, cook, and dance with us. Parent-friendly, happy family show. If you like our videos please share. ========================== Our Family Channels Ruchi and Piyush – Aayu…
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