Monsters, Myths and Mysteries, Explores UFO Sightings, Ghosts and Other Unexplained Phenomenon

Monsters Myths and Mysteries Explores UFO Sightings Ghosts and Other Unexplained Phenomenon

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The Godfather of Bigfoot Tom Biscardi is producing a new paranormal events investigation movie

Monsters, Myths and Mysteries Paranormal Movie

Monsters, Myths and Mysteries Uncovers Paranormal Phenomenon

New Paranormal Movie

Uncover The Truth: Monsters, Myths and Mysteries Investigates Paranormal Events

The Godfather of Bigfoot, Tom Biscardi, announces a new paranormal investigation movie; Monsters, Myths and Mysteries exploring UFO sightings, ghosts and more.

Lessons I learned through 50 years of Bigfoot research and remote wilderness hunts are now being put to use investigating a wide range of terrifying paranormal occurrences, events and legends.”

— Tom Biscardi

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2022 / — With a career spanning more than 50 years, famed Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi is, for the first time, expanding his reach beyond the Sasquatch monster. Biscardi’s new investigations, covering unexplained phenomenon, the paranormal, UFOs, lost treasures, and unknown beasts will be documented in the new film series, Monsters, Myths and Mysteries.

“I have had the great pleasure of not only a half a century of investigations and hunts, but also real encounters with Bigfoot,” says Biscardi.

“The lessons learned through those experiences, along with a proven track record of research that can only be developed through time in the field, are now being put to use on a whole new range of topics that continue to entice and amaze people around the world.”

Biscardi’s six-part Monsters, Myths and Mysteries takes viewers across five Southwestern states which have been home to many bizarre and frightening legends and sightings for centuries.

The first film in the series begins with a look at mysterious beings, mythical creatures and unexplained happenings, each which will be covered in depth individually in a following production. Biscardi will be taking viewers along to explore and investigate the Red-Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave, cryptids at the White Mountain Apache and Navajo reservations, hauntings of the Silver Queen Hotel and ghost towns of Nevada, giant running lizards that have eluded capture, a never-before-documented military UFO encounter and more.

The full-length feature films build on Biscardi’s award-winning and top-selling line of Bigfoot-themed documentaries, which include:

Bigfoot Lives, Bigfoot Lives 2, Bigfoot Lives 3, Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax, Hoax of the Century, Pursuit, The Legend of Bigfoot, In the Shadow of Bigfoot, and Brutal Bigfoot.

A teaser trailer for Monsters, Myths and Mysteries has been created and can be viewed at Production has begun, including on-site photography and interviews with principal witness and others who have had first-hand encounters. Historical research and archival evidence collection is also in process as Biscardi and his team work with local personnel in each of the production locations.

To learn more about Monsters, Myths and Mysteries, sign up for the update newsletter by sending an email directly to Biscardi at [email protected] here. Exclusive news about the series and behind-the-scenes photos will be shared with subscribers. To schedule an interview with Tom Biscardi and for media inquiries, call (415) 518-8494.


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Explore and Uncover The Truth New Paranormal Movie: Monsters Myths Mysteries

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