New Sports App Connects Local Athletes and Players

New Sports App Connects Local Athletes and Players

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eseo (“ee-z-oh”) is Launched by Software Investor, Ian Campbell, to Create Community Around Sports in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2022 / — Philadelphia is a sports-loving, neighborhood-centric region. Native resident, Ian Campbell, is an accomplished software investor and has assembled a development team to create a new sports app. eseo (“ee-z-oh”) is now live on the App Store, and the first platform of its kind to mirror features from Alltrails, Meetup, and more. eseo has tools for local athletes of all skill levels to find each other for running, cycling, pickleball, basketball, and a variety of other sports.

The app currently has around 1500 local neighborhood groups, gyms, courts, parks, leagues and more in the Philadelphia area. Users can download the free app (a paid version is also available) and create an account. In that account creation process, they select the sports they are interested in. The app will then provide immediate recommendations for other locals who are also interested in those sports, and provide a map-based interface to find places to play.

The idea behind eseo

Ian had the idea for this app after the chaos of the last two years presented major disruption to community connections. A sports enthusiast in his own right, he saw the opportunity to reestablish in-person play and camaraderie through community sports. As a software professional, he also recognized that people need tech-based tools to find each other and engage.

“Communication about community sports remains largely word of mouth driven and the information exists in siloed and disparate locations, which often requires individual research. Technology can make it easier” said Ian.

eseo version one is now available in the app store, and anyone can try it out for free here.

eseo launch

eseo is first available in Philly, and Ian has assembled a local team and network, following conversations with nearby running groups, fitness influencers, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and other sport organizations focused on positively impacting the community. The brand is already supported by businesses as well, with partnerships and recommendations from Athleta, Philadelphia Runner and Barrys.

The future of eseo

eseo is banking on a grassroots effort to spread early adoption of the app. Once the hype builds, the company plans to recreate its success in other metropolitan areas, then expand to a nationwide presence.

“Improving health and strengthening unity through more accessible community sports will help to shape a better future. eseo’s mission of uniting athletes and strengthen communities, and if you can move, you’re an athlete, is our north star as we build eseo” shared Ian.

It’s important to keep local sports alive. The more people are conditioned to use tech, the more important it is to provide them with tools to make connections in real life to be healthy, enjoy competition, and hone fulfilling skills.

Press Contact: if you have inquiries about this news or to get in touch with eseo, contact [email protected].

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