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The ‘Jungle Tree House Playground Park’ Coming to Bantayan Island

BANTAYAN, CEBU, PHILIPPINES, May 9, 2022 / — PTC Farms is pleased to provide an update on operations expansion and new features to be added at their property in Puti-an, Bantayan. PTC Farms Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Junray Cervantes states: “We are very pleased by the reception we have received since we opened a month ago. We have new additions to the petting zoo, our dragon fruit is entering the fruiting season, we will be launching our dragon fruit salsa and hot sauce products, and we are set to expand our dragon fruit production capacity by adding up to an additional 1,600 growing posts, which I believe will make us one of if not the largest commercial dragon fruit operation in the province.”

When asked about what new features can be expected at this new addition to the Bantayan Island business skyline Cervantes replied: “Our goal since day 1 has been to create something very unique and have it widely known as a ‘must see destination’ for anyone and especially families. In the process of reaching that goal we have a few new features to add, and now that we are fully operational we are going to begin construction soon on the next one, our ‘Jungle Tree House Playground Park’. The one thing this island has been short of for a very long time is a safe and secure place for children and pre-to-mid teens to play, hang out with fiends, have a lot of fun and get some exercise doing it. This new addition is most definitely a long awaited first for the island and our group is pleased to be able to be the ones to make it possible and available to all island residents and those visiting the island.”

The so-called Jungle Tree House Playground Park is to consist of a series of tree houses connected by suspension bridges and includes slides; tire, rope and seated swings, a rope climbing wall, monkey bars, see-saws, and a mini zip-line. There will also be a couple of sand boxes with pails and shovels provided for those that are too young to go above ground level for the time being.

The new attraction is to be built just opposite the farms’ beautiful open-air restaurant ‘Cafe Pitaya’, so parents can relax and enjoy some great food and beverages while keeping an eye their kids having what can only be considered to be too much fun. Cervantes continues: “It will have everything needed for a one of a kind playground experience and the kids can stay all day if they choose. We also offer the farm for birthdays and of course the playground-park as well as the petting zoo are included as part of the birthday event.” In closing Mr. Cervantes quipped “The traditional slipper-toss game on Bantayan Island will soon be able to take a break for a while”.

About PTC Farms:
PTC Farms is Bantayan Islands’ first and only commercial producer of organically grown dragon fruit and derivative dragon fruit products sold at the farm store, and its open to the public 7 days a week from 8:00AM until 10:00PM. Located in Brgy Puti-an, the 1 hectare property also offers up a popular mix of Filipino and western style food at its on-site restaurant, Café Pitaya, along with a full range of beverages and can cater to any size special event. There is karaoke Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and there is also a petting zoo. Educational guided farm tours are available and there are two dedicated call-for-pickup shuttle trikes to take guests to and from the farm. For more information please contact PTC Farms @ 09208101800 or by
Email: [email protected] or on Facebook: @visitptcfarms

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