technology, talents and sustainability in the cutting edge virtual racing event

technology, talents and sustainability in the cutting edge virtual racing event

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It will be one of the virtual motorsport events of the year, with an exceptional prize pool of over 100.000 XDB and the sponsorship of DigitalBits Foundation

MONACO, MONACO, May 4, 2022 / — It will be one of the virtual motorsport events of the year, with an exceptional prize pool of over 100.000 XDB Tokens: we are talking about Pistalab Cup Monaco, a single-brand trophy, which will take place on an ASSETTO CORSA platform (PC version), including a race with head-to-head pursuit in a special circuit designed specifically for the occasion, a highly tactical course, with two highlights in which the participants will be able to give the best of themselves by putting their technical skills to the test.

Even the car that the competitors will compete with is absolutely incredible: it is an E-Stratos, a fantasy car, full electric with over 1,000 HP capable of exceeding 300 km / h, derived from the New Stratos, a real car, recently auctioned for around 800,000 euros, made in 24 units by the Turin-based Manifattura Automobili Torino.

Main sponsor of the event is the DigitalBits Foundation, a leading contributor to the DigitalBits blockchain, focused on supporting the growth of the DigitalBits ecosystem and adoption of the DigitalBits blockchain with the core objectives of enhancing the consumer experience and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Any asset can be tokenized on the ecologically sustainable DigitalBits blockchain, including NFTs created by artists, sports organizations and other brands. DigitalBits also provides the foundation for real-world mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

And eco-sustainability is really a sort of fil rouge (indeed fil vert) of Pistalab Cup Monaco: besides the great focus on electric mobility and technologies, part of the proceeds from the race will be donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which has been supporting projects related to climate and the environment for many years.

The event is developed in partnership with Monaco Town Hall, Foundation Albert II de Monaco, Monaco e-sport Fondation, Pistalab Academy and Fight aids monk.

Monaco DigitalB track is the official track of the event, specially designed for the occasion, and will welcome all enthusiasts or professionals, no matter where do they come from: it will be enough to be able to qualify as in a real racing race. The goal is to allow everyone to express their talent and the possibility of being selected to participate in future events: a jury of observers will identify the most promising and talented racers to be able to engage them in future events in the world of virtual racing.

But it doesn’t stop there: the Golden Skin award will also be established, which will crown the most beautiful livery among those present at the event. The winner will receive a prize of XDB 10.000: it will be possible to participate in this side event downloading the basic file, adding colors and images of your choice, being careful not to delete the writings present and then posting the photo on Instagram and tagging @pistalab. A mixed popular and pro jury will determine the winner, who will be awarded, together with the fastest racers, at the Gala evening which will take place in Monaco, where the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco is expected.

“The creators of Pistalab Cup Monaco have designed an incredible metaverse-like experience for this virtual race. With speed, efficiency and sustainability being common attributes that the DigitalBits blockchain shares with Pistalab, naturally we are thrilled to support this great event,” stated Daniele Mensi, managing director of the DigitalBits Foundation.

“The passion for racing was born as a child when, after school, we waited for the passage of the Stratos Alitalia with Munari and Maiga who stopped to refuel at the public petrol station in the Sanremo hinterland – says Pietro Giglio, CEO at McRevo and creator of the format “Pistalab” – The Stratos was a monster with futuristic lines and incredible performance. My dream was to race with that marvel of design and engineering. Racing is a dream reserved for a few, due to stellar budgets, but luckily things change with simulators. We managed to make that dream come true designing a virtual 3D model of Stratos, together with the virtual race. We have put in a very powerful engine, but green because we believe in Sustainability”.

All the information (included the instructions to participate to Golden Skin Award) are available here:

The race will be broadcasted live on YouTube and provides for the free participation of all competitors, each from their own home.


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