‘Turn the World Around’ New Release from Gary Paul Bryant Marks 50 Years in Music

‘Turn the World Around’ New Release from Gary Paul Bryant Marks 50 Years in Music

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Turn the World Around

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Gary Paul Bryant

Gary has been entertaining fans and conquering hearts with his music for more than five decades. ‘Turn the World Around’ continues the mission.

It’s not about being outstanding or simply outlasting. It’s all about looking inside for a good relevant song.”

— Gary

SEATTLE, WA, US, April 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gary Paul Bryant’s new single, ‘Turn the World Around’ goes live on May 16th, 2022. This marks his 50 years of writing, performing, and recording music. Bryant’s latest release, as well as his recently released album ‘The Old Country’ sparks a return to his roots rock beginnings. ‘Turn the World Around’ is available as a free download on the home page of his website through June 15th.

For more than fifty years, an instrumental composer turned retro-rock troubadour, Gary continues to squeeze out tunes that draw thousands of fans and listeners. He has been thrilling music lovers with his songwriting that has kept listeners on the edge of their seats with his power-packed beats and timely lyrics.

A consistent figure in the music industry for more than fifty years, Gary started his music journey at a very young age. “I was 13 when I first played live. I was on drums in my older brother’s band. In the middle of a song, a drunk guy fell into my drum set. Good times! I switched to guitar and keyboards after that,” recalls Gary.

Drawing on roots of a musical family, including a brother, a sister, and a father whose early big band days playing sax and clarinet, inspired him to put the usual ambitions aside and concentrate on creating new music regardless of genre, style, or form. Gary’s upbeat vibe and his signature style is visible in all his tracks. His compositions embrace distinct undertones that transform the flavor of the his music into something special.

These days, he is focused on returning to singer-songwriter mode, and his roots- rock influences are evident in the 2022 album ‘The Old Country” and the feel-better pop anthem “Turn the World Around.”

Gary has over 300 published works and a multitude of albums in a variety of genres. For more information and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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