VjOjOfficial sets to drop Weakness Music Video featuring Crystxl King

Ugandan Afro-beat artist VjOjOfficial will be releasing a second video in 2022, Ft.Crystxl King.

EUSTON SQUARE, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — VjOjOfficial, aka Isaac Oj Nsereko, is a Ugandan Afro-beat artist based in the United Kingdom. He’s also a singer and a director of films. He is the founder and CEO of First Choice Filmz, a UK limited company specializing in film and music video production.

VjOjOfficial has previously collaborated with top African and Ugandan artists. VjOj’s collaboration with Awilo Longomba, an African Congolese legend, in ‘Sekemba’ for his ‘One In A Million’ album in 2019 has made him a household name among Ugandans in the UK.

The song, produced by Jaemally Beatz, is an uptempo song with African beats. VjOj was in charge of the visuals, both directing and editing them. Link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byh1rOGmFs4&feature=related

He is one of Uganda’s most popular artists, having gained notoriety as a DJ at Club Laface, Rio PierOne, and Mcqueen. He is also one of the founders of the popular Kampala Night. He was featured on BBC Focus Africa for his role in the unforgettable evening. He left his job as a DJ three years later to concentrate on his music career.

His Nakyala song has over a million Instagram views (VjOjOfficial), and his Afrobeat video “My Everything” has over half a million YouTube views.

He won the Best AfroBeat Artist and Best Video Director of the Year 2019 in Sweden Malmo after performing at the O2 Indigo in 2019.

He has released a 20-track album called ‘One In A Million’ in 2020. Bangers like Do it, Nakyala, Saloko, and many others are included in the album. This album is one of the most popular on iTunes and Spotify.

His most recent performance was on the 26th of February 2022 at the Royal Regency London for the LoveFest Show, where he completely shut down the venue.

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VjOj will be releasing a new video, Weakness Ft.Crystxl King, next month, and this will be his second video in 2022.

VjOj will perform at the Afro Festival of Food and Arts AFFA in Southampton, Hampshire.

About VjOjOfficial:

VjOjOfficial is a Ugandan Afro-beat musician based in the United Kingdom. VjOj’s collaboration with African Congolese legend Awilo Longomba has made him a household name among Ugandans in the UK.

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