Dubai. Luxury life tour. Big Episode.

Dubai Luxury life tour Big Episode

This Big Episode is dedicated to Dubai and a luxury side of it’s life – private islands, villas for 200000000$ and other rich things.
We also will tell you about new and interesting things launched in this city for the last couple of years and of course some exclusive stories

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Contents :

0:17 – Dubai today
2:10 – Dubai in the past
4:08 – THE MOST things that are already in Dubai
6:18 – THE MOST thing that will soon be in Dubai
7:31 – Expensive cars.
9:27 – Expensive hotels.
10:41 – The Palm Island
12:05 – Dubai’s luxury estate. Private islands and villas on the World archipelago.
13:57 – Underwater room in a floating villa.
15:48 – “Sweden” island and villa for 20000000$
18:40 – Burj Khalifa
21:38 – Night Dubai and fountain shows.
23:33 – The best terrace with a night view of Dubai.
25:57 – How rich people have fun in Dubai. Polo resort.
27:35 – Lakes in the desert and sunset over the dunes
29:00 – Dubai touristic. What’s new in Dubai (Dubai Frame, Xline, Alsef, Lamar Beach, Dubai Marina)
32:27 – My Feedback.

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