Checklist for Amazon Prime Day 2022 Preparation from Advertising and Inventory Management Experts

Checklist for Amazon Prime Day 2022 Preparation from Advertising and Inventory Management Experts

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For Amazon sellers to avoid overspend on their inventory & PPC while not going out of stock, Profit Whales and MyFBAPrep created a detailed Prime Day checklist.

We expect a mad dash by 3rd-party sellers to get their businesses in order ahead of the event. Newly acquired brands look to make a mark with their new acquisitions on Prime Day. You should be ready.”

— Thomas Wicky, Co-founder & CEO at MyFBAPrep

AVENTURA, FLORIDA, USA, May 23, 2022 / — Prime Day is a major annual Amazon event worth comparing in numbers only to Black Friday. Every year, Amazon Prime Day sales are increasing, e.g. in 2021, they reached the max point of $11.19 billion. In the 48 hours it lasts, buyers go through their wish lists and look for better prices, and sellers look for ways to not go out of stock in the middle of this purchase heyday while maintaining a proper advertising strategy. Profit Whales, a full-service marketing agency for Amazon brands, joined with MyFBAPrep, a prep, logistics, and fulfillment service provider to come up with a data- & calendar-based Amazon Prime Day 2022 checklist for the most efficient preparation.

There is no exact date for Prime Day 2022 yet, but there are some sneak peeks and estimated time frames as to when to expect Prime Day this year, and how to better prepare:

– 5 out of 7 previous Prime Day events took place somewhen around Amazon’s birthday on July, 15th, and it’s predicted to be announced close to this date again in 2022

– Amazon historically chooses weekdays from Monday to Wednesday, so there is a massive chance for this trend to repeat itself

– Lightning Deals submission and Prime Day promotion deadlines are on April 29 for the USA and Canada, and May 13 for the EU and other countries

– coupon submission deadline is on June 10 for the USA, Canada, and EU

– FBA Inventory cut-off deadline is on June 20 for the USA, Canada, UK, and EU

– inbound Shipping cut-off deadline is on June 2 for the USA and Canada and on June 29 for the UK and EU

– Prime Exclusive Discount deadline is on July 8 for the USA, Canada, and EU

Taking into consideration this calendar, analytical research, and professional experience working with Amazon FBA brands in the previous years, Profit Whales and MyFBAPrep combined their expert conclusions, predictions, and advice to create a free six-months-up-to-Prime-Day checklist to make the preparation much easier and profitable for sellers.

The checklist consists of 20 steps, conveniently put in chronological order and a detailed explanation from both companies’ industry professionals. This includes all the spectrum of tasks to complete, as well as one secret tactic to help prevent top-selling products from going out of stock in the middle of the biggest commercial demand. Among everything explained, there is:

– budgeting

– SEO optimization

– PPC techniques

– IPI scores

– inventory completion

While there is not much time left until the Amazon Prime Day 2022, there are still things worth checking out in any Amazon business, because this event not only brings the opportunity for a large sales increase but will also have a huge impact on sellers’ positions on the platform right before the high season of Q4.

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originally published at Retail - Reality Syndicate Viewers