Jam + Pop The Vintage Furniture Shop

Jam + Pop The Vintage Furniture Shop

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Antique matching chairs

Antique Gilt Mirror and Painting

Antique Gilt Mirror and Painting

Antique Decorative Objects

Antique Decorative Objects

Antiquities captivate our imagination to the point where we want to learn the story behind them, their origins, and the people who made them or owned them.

This is our Jam. A personally curated collection of vintage and antique furniture and unique decorative pieces.”

— Jam + Pop

ETON, BERKSHIRE, GREAT BRITAIN, April 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jam + Pop is a British vintage and antique furniture shop. A hand-picked collection of vintage and antique furniture and unique decor items. From vintage French chairs to gorgeous antique mirrors, mid-century writing tables and antiques to select pieces of art, French chandeliers, chests of drawers, sofas, coffee tables, chests of drawers and end tables, their goal is to share a collection that is accessible and affordable to all. Unlike a lot of Antique furniture shops they also provide custom search services, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for on their site, they will be happy to help you find this special item.

So what is the difference between antique furniture, vintage or retro?

Antique furniture can be described as a work of art, furniture, or decorative object created more than 100 years ago. Antiques are like a piece of great artwork, they may not be your everyday furniture but should be seen as investments, which when combined with other styles, give your home design depth and character.

Vintage items reflect the era they were produced in. As well as being of a certain period of time, an item can be called vintage if it exhibits the best qualities associated with or belonging to that era, as in “vintage 1940’s”, it’s widely understood that vintage cannot describe anything under 20 years of age.

Retro furniture is not necessarily old but reflects styles and designs of the recent past.

By incorporating antique and mid-century furniture into your home, you are adding historic pieces of furniture, mixing old-world design with new and modern, which creates a unique layered look to your home.
Vintage pieces and antique furniture that contrast adds warmth to any room by mixing textures and styles. A traditional piece of mid-century antique furniture in your living space can be the perfect centrepiece of your home decor.

Beauty and history are not the only reasons for loving antique furniture, because antiques have already been produced and are still in use, they have a much lower carbon footprint than brand new furniture. Instead of manufacturing companies using new materials in making items from scratch, you are assisting in the fight against environmental pollution. Antiques create a more personal look that is much harder to replicate using existing resources whilst significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

A piece of antique furniture has its own story, which started long before you were lucky enough to inherit, purchase, or stumble across it. They will never go out of style and can become extremely valuable. In addition, one of the nicest benefits of owning a piece of antique; no two pieces will be exactly alike since it is not mass-produced.

Antique furniture doesn’t always have to be the centrepiece of a room, instead, it can add a more subtle character in the form of accent tables, accessories, gilt mirrors or artwork. The best vintage light fixtures can make a huge impact on the overall decor of a room and create luxurious areas that will transport your home to a bygone era. In fact, items with vibrant fabrics, and other eye-catching items can be the hallmark of your decor.

The only rule of thumb for finding the perfect antique for your space is to simply follow your instincts and be open-minded about how the piece might be used in the space. Instead of putting an antique or vintage wardrobe in your bedroom for clothes, place it in your living room to display your prized artefacts.
Bring it all together by adding decorations like an antique chandelier.

A collectable look adds a sense of history and beauty to home decor, and this is easily achieved by mixing vintage and antique items from different eras.

Jam + Pop brings together a collection full of exquisite beauty, character, and history for you to enjoy, with new pieces being discovered and added all the time, you are sure to find a unique piece of antique furniture for your home you will enjoy, and maybe even one day pass on.

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