Learn How To Create a Yahoo Store Coupon

Learn How To Create a Yahoo Store Coupon

From the back end of our Yahoo Store were going to go on the left-hand side underneath promote and were to click on coupon manager. Click on create new coupon.

We are given the option between standard and single use coupon. Basically a standard coupon can be used by all of our customers. Whereas, single use coupons can only be used one time. Let me go ahead and give you an example. A standard coupon could be used to give our customers 15% off. A single use coupon could be used for one special customer that you want to give 50% off. In March of 2009 we created a more advanced video on how to use single use coupons. The link to that video is on this page ( However for this particular video, were just going to cover the very basics of creating a standard Yahoo Store coupon.

For the coupon code, go ahead and enter whatever you may like. I like to use a coupon code my customers will recognize. Let’s say we want to create a coupon for all New Life Event attendees. I would create a coupon code called newlife10. This coupon code would give New Life attendees 10% off.

For the description, I will put in something that I will remember. This description is not seen by your customers to you can put anything you want here. Next we put in our offer. We can choose to give our customers $10 off or 10% off. We can also choose to give our customers free shipping. When we give away gift certificates to our 1 Choice customers, this is how we do it. Let’s say we have a $100 gift certificate, and then under amount we would put $100.

Next go to minimum purchase. Minimum purchase is really good to use when you want to tell your customer you’ll receive 10% off with every purchase of over $50. After that you can choose whether or not to have an expiration date. When I’m giving out gift certificates I like to use an expiration date of one year.

Choose whether you would like to include all items in your store, selected items, or if you want to just exclude certain items. Click update. You’re done you have just created your first coupon now go out and share that coupon with the world and increase your sales today.

originally published at Retail - RSV News