Revolutionary Agency ‘TenStrike’ Upends the Old Guard with Performance Based Platform

TenStrike Digital

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2022 / — Lead-generating companies are poised to make more than 201 billion dollars in 2023. Yet, some industry giants are under scrutiny for leading businesses down a path of false hope and bad leads while reaping the benefits in subscription costs. TenStrike Digital is leveling the playing field. This revolutionary platform built by a former construction company is changing the narrative. Gone are the days where “Big Tech” ruled now TenStrike Digital is serving small establishments instead of preying upon them.

The Grand Canyon-based digital firm TenStrike unseats the king of the lead-generating industries with its small business-first approach. TenStrike offers customer-focused services like innovative web design and precise data reporting to grab a potential client in seconds.
“TenStrike Digital is on a mission to help middle American businesses take back control over their businesses by cutting out the middleman and getting direct contact with potential customers,” says TenStrike Digital executives.

This competitive digital company was conceived by a one-time roofer who was tired of spending thousands on lead-generating giants only to receive little in return. Through his SMB marketing company, TenStrike Digital is helping startups and leaders alike in real estate, construction, and B2B reach real consumers in record time. According to, leads are nine times as likely to convert to sales if reached in under 5 minutes. The automated TenStrike system cuts out the middleman to get leads to their client base with lightning-fast speed. With TenStrike, gone are the days of endless forms and red tape. Instead, this proprietary platform gives commercial operations a direct line to potential clients.

TenStrike works on a purely “performance-based” online portal where buyers set the bar high. However, every TenStrike team member is encouraged to get after it. Loyal patrons expect TenStrike Digital to hit the mark every time, and with no long-term contracts, a customer evaluates their progress each month. This model of healthy competition always keeps the client top of mind for the curated team of professionals at TenStrike Digital. In addition, the staff at TenStrike Digital believe in disrupting the old ways for the client’s benefit.

For more information, contact Rich Davis at 619.598.4278, [email protected]

Rich Davis
TenStrike Digital
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