The Evans Group Helps New Designers Launch Clothing Line Using Current Trends

LA clothing manufacturer and production house The Evans Group is helping independent designers launch clothing lines with spring fashion trends as inspiration.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 14, 2022 / — In a new article on its blog, The Evans Group (TEG) lists a few of spring 2022 fashion trends to get those creative juices flowing.

Spring 2022: The A Blast From The Past With Y2K

Although the late 1990s and the days of Y2K are long past, The Evans Group points out that spring 2022 is the time for a blast from the past.

Colorful sunglasses, velour tracksuits, and shiny, metallic outfits are fashion du jour for spring 2022. The nostalgia for the days of Y2K is very real, due in part mainly to Gen Z, TikTok, and natural fashion cycles.

With the help of TEG’s creative team of fashion designers and design team, one will quickly craft a fashion mood board to bring back the days of colorful iMacs, crop tops, and Spice Girls-inspired fashion.

Instead of fashion sketching a baroque, Victorian-era-inspired line of womenswear (think independent fashion brands like Hiraeth), it’s time to lean into the not-so-distant past and let nostalgia take control.

White Is The Color To Look For

TEG playfully starts off its section on wearing with, “White after Labor Day?”

It turns out that white is the color of spring 2022.

“Although white may evoke imagery of brides and memorable weddings, the color is clearly making a massive impact on spring fashion trends, regardless of relationship status.

But just because white is ‘in’ right now doesn’t mean one can’t commit fashion faux pas. Yes, this means ditch the white at a friend’s wedding.

And white isn’t alone. Although it’s quickly becoming the color to wear, monochrome in general is also the name of the fashion game.

Likewise, monochrome in general, is the way to go. Whether it’s white, reds, or blues, even off-white, one is making a statement.”

Mini Skirts Making A Resurgence

While white and Y2K reign supreme, the mini skirt is also making waves this spring, and Prada just had an impressive showing at New York Fashion Week.

“These pieces are back on the scene, with a big showing on runways. Specifically, Prada had an ambitious showing with its super short mini skirts. Naturally, this makes them an easy trend to take note of this season.”

With the winter chill retreating until next year, the mini skirt is easily one of the most ‘no-brainer’ fashion choices to keep cool this spring and summer. And, we’d be remiss to dismiss the bigger picture that mini skirts play in spring 2022 fashion trends.

“Evoking echoes of the 1990s and early Y2K, minis are major items. They’re great for making an outfit come together, as well as scratching that fashion nostalgia itch. Plus, Gen Z is taking note and leaning into this spring trend in a big way.”

So yes, mini skirts are tied together with Y2K, too.

And these three trends are incredibly interconnected, and each can blend seamlessly into each other. It makes for unique creative ideas for the next fashion collection.

Sustainability Plus Spring Fashion Trends

The clothing manufacturer, dealing in slow fashion (the direct opposite of fast fashion, an aspect that founder Jennifer Evans never shies away from), allows new and established fashion designers to take advantage of fashion cycles harkening back decades.

Not only that, but the fashion production house nestled in Downtown Los Angeles focuses on sustainability in its production model. In another article written for its blog regarding domestic clothing manufacturing, TEG states that, for new designers, choosing domestic is easily one of the ways to achieve a sustainable fashion look.

“With fast fashion dominating the industry, it seems more difficult for quality garments to provide a selling point to both designers and customers. However, choosing a company that focuses on ethical and sustainable products is more popular than ever in the US.”

TEG outlines why choosing domestic is perfect for designers to not only have control over their new Y2K-inspired line of denim but also for eco-friendly fashion.

Tallying Up The Cost Of A Clothing Line

Starting one’s own spring-inspired clothing line will cost a pretty penny. So, once one is inspired by many of the stunning looks fresh from New York Fashion Week, what will it cost you to launch the collection? TEG lays out the fundamentals:

“Determining the cost, and more importantly, your budget, is a key way designers get their collections to see the light of day. Good budgeting is always a good idea, and in the world of bespoke fashion, it’s item number one.

Clothing lines can cost varying amounts. No one clothing line will cost the exact same as others. For example, if you’re focusing on sustainable materials, that’ll cost you more than if you chose to mass produce everything for cheap.”

In other words, there are a ton of variables at play when determining the cost of a clothing line. So the next time you’re eyeing that white velour tracksuit, consider the materials needed for production, how many pieces you include in your fashion collection, and more.

Starting A Spring Clothing Line With Small Batch Manufacturing

Another common refrain from The Evans Group is its emphasis on small batch manufacturing.

TEG, a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles with no minimum order quantity, allows newer designers to immerse themselves in the fashion industry at their own pace. Whether it’s a few mini skirt samples, a line of crop tops, or a small line of stunning white sundresses, the designer has ultimate freedom with how many pieces fit into their collection.

More About The Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers.

Learn more about The Evans Group on its website:

Jennifer Evans
The Evans Group
+1 800-916-0910
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