Tidal announces its next ROI webinar

Headless Flexible Frontend Presentation Layers

Tidal Commerce is now a Shogun partners.

Tidal Commerce is now a Shogun partners.

Join the Tidal and Shogun webinar to understand the top factors limiting growth with traditional e-commerce platforms and how headless is helping brands scale.

~98% of stores are on older e-commerce tech. Brands that move to Headless could exceed the limits of modern e-commerce with a flexible frontend and enjoy an early mover advantage over the competition.”

— Aziz Memon, Partner, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Tidal.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The pandemic acted as a catalyst to e-commerce sales, providing solid tailwinds for the past two years. As a result, most e-commerce merchants enjoyed unprecedented growth relative to pre-covid years.

While the US National Retail Federation forecasts solid retail and digital growth will continue in 2022*, competition, emerging technology, and evolving consumer expectations have made it increasingly challenging for brands to attract, convert, and retain online shoppers.

“Today, DTC brands using legacy e-commerce technology find it almost impossible to dominate using performance marketing alone. Fortunately, Headless Commerce enables brands to scale despite the headwinds facing e-commerce merchants,” says Dennis Gorya, Partner at Tidal Commerce.

So where does headless fit in? “Headless commerce” generally refers to any type of e-commerce technology setup (like a website) where the technology used to power the visual presentation layer (the part of an online store the shopper sees) differs from that of the backend e-commerce platform. This separation allows brands to craft highly customized, seamless customer experiences.

“Headless commerce has been around for several years, yet about 98% of all online stores are still using older technology; this legacy stack couples the front- and back end, limiting the shopper experience. Brands that move to headless could exceed the limits of modern e-commerce with a flexible frontend and enjoy an early mover advantage over their competition,” says Aziz Memon, Partner at Tidal Commerce.

“While headless has dominated conversations in the e-commerce community, a singular, agreed-on definition of this polarizing topic still seems elusive. Instead of focusing solely on the buzzword, merchants should consider how a flexible frontend that addresses pain points related to visual merchandising, content management, site speed and performance can help their business reach new heights,” added Nick Raushenbush, Co-founder of Shogun.

Unlocking the next level of store growth with Headless Commerce

Join us on May 19 at 1 pm (EST) to explore the most common challenges modern merchants are facing, how ‘going headless’ is helping forward-thinking brands scale, and the ROI you can realize by trading your traditional presentation layer for a flexible frontend.

The next webinar in the ROI series will focus on the benefits of improving customer service levels and how to do this without breaking the bank.

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Join this ROI webinar to learn how Headless Commerce is helping forward-thinking brands improve their customer experience and helping them scale.

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