When the holy war starts, where do humans go?

When the holy war starts, where do humans go?

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Rituals By Ryan Hasting.

MCKINNEY, TEXAS, USA, April 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This book is the onset of the future events that are yet to happen, where celestials, angels, demonic beings and humans clash with one another.

Rituals is a fiction novel that stars our protagonist, Yana, a goofy and courageous girl who, under the mentorship of Galai’el, an angel, learns how to fight along with her friends that she meets on her journey.

This is a story of how a young girl sets off to fight among beings such as the demonic and the celestials. Set in the world of Harth, which is profoundly beautiful and filled with harmony. Yet one day, it gets entangled between the fights of beings far more robust than what the humans could imagine.

This book will take you down a trip of various emotions, whether joyful, grim, or heart-breaking. Hastings has put a fraction of his soul into all of the characters in the story, giving them real-life appeal. The book covers the angles of different psychological behaviours that are brought into the understanding of the readers. Hastings has used his love for art and philosophy to breathe new life into this world that the audience can relate to. The reader is captivated by the story and how the characters make decisions, which becomes the turning point for the story that follows and leaves the reader wondering about morality, ethics, and loyalty.

About The Author

Ryan Hastings, a musician and author of three books, was born on March 31, 1988. Hasting majored in forensic psychology and criminology. His purpose is to create good art that makes people think about themselves or the world around them in order to raise awareness. Rituals, according to him, portray a soul. Each character has a bit of Hastings, good or evil. Overall, Ryan Hastings is a mellow, friendly, and enjoyable person who loves to write about heroes.




Ryan Hastings
RITUALS by Ryan Hastings
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