RightBound & Salesloft Move the Needle for Outbound Sales Development Teams

RightBound Salesloft Move the Needle for Outbound Sales Development Teams
RightBound & Salesloft Move the Needle for Outbound Sales Development Teams
RightBound feeds relevant, enriched prospects into Salesloft cadences, increasing engagement

RightBound automates outbound prospecting by delivering a consistent flow of verified leads into Salesloft, based on a company's target customer profile.

RightBound, a pioneer AI prospecting platform, partnered with Salesloft, a leading sales engagement platform, to help SaaS companies increase outbound sales performance and continuously optimize sales development processes.   

"RightBound provides a new approach to B2B prospecting, transforming the impossible complexity and the heavy lift in sales development into a data-driven, AI-based autonomous process," says Ran Oelgiesser, Co-founder & CEO of RightBound. "We've built our product based on the belief that sales teams shouldn't have to change their existing platform and workflows to achieve better results. With that in mind, we've partnered and fully integrated with Salesloft."

Dan Sylvester, VP of National Accounts at SundaySky, has been a Salesloft and RightBound customer for over two years: "Salesloft and RightBound have exponentially increased our ability to create a qualified pipeline that translates into closed-won opportunities. Working in tandem seamlessly, RightBound finds and warms up relevant prospects, while Salesloft makes sure our team follows up with every lead in a timely and consistent manner."

RightBound's AI engine automates outbound prospecting, delivering a consistent flow of leads based on a company's target customer profile. Leads are automatically fed into Salesloft, assigned to the relevant sales rep within the right cadence for them to follow up at the right time and in a personalized fashion.

Insights into prospects' engagement and sales team activity within Salesloft seamlessly flow back to RightBound, enabling RightBound to continuously adjust and optimize future prospecting criteria as well as the Salesloft cadences themselves. 

"Using these two platforms together, we've managed to substantially increase our reply rates, connect rates, and demos booked," shared Tomer Magal, VP of Sales at WiseStamp. "RightBound sources accounts and contacts matching our targeting criteria, which are then automatically segmented and routed to SDRs based on territory and priority. RightBound also reads call dispositions from Salesloft - automatically sourcing an alternative phone number when needed or a different contact within the account when the initial contact is unresponsive or irrelevant."

The partnership between RightBound and Salesloft is a game-changer for sales teams looking to expand TAM coverage and improve connectivity, growing pipeline and revenue.

"The combined power of Salesloft and RightBound has enabled our mutual customers - such as SundaySky, WiseStamp, APS Payroll and others - to experience a significant uplift in their acquisition of new customers," said Devin Schiffman, Vice President of Global Alliances at Salesloft. "Sales reps are now able to strategically prioritize activities that generate revenue and increase their pipeline. We're thrilled with the results of the partnership with RightBound as both a Salesloft Certified Technology Partner and an Advanced Partner within the Salesloft partner program."

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