Why Is The Wall Street Journal Trying To Become an Ecommerce Platform? – How Money Works #shorts

Why Is The Wall Street Journal Trying To Become an Ecommerce Platform How Money Works shorts

Let me introduce to you the newest hustle bro:
The Wall Street Journal

Last week the Wall Street Journal announced that they would be creating a website called “Buy Side from Wall Street Journal” where they will list a variety of products for sale on their website.
Unlike Amazon or that high school classmate of yours with their short-lived store selling their hand-made clothing, the WSJ won’t sell any products. They’ll just refer you to someone who does.
They plan to focus on products that the finance and tech youngsters alike would be interested in, a new slick brief case for the new investment banking intern, and a backpack for the newly minted San Francisco tech bro
The problem is, this comes at a time when Google’s search engine (which still dominates 93% of the search market) is demoting affiliate marketing websites that only link to a couple of websites, and those that don’t use original photography.
So, when the Wall Street Journal needs a photo to promote Raybans, they’ll ask their paparazzi if they’ve seen any robots wearing them lately.


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